Knee-length pants rubber-PVC Euroflex – Plastikwäsche zum Verlieben
Knielange Hose Gummi-PVC Euroflex violett transparent

Knee-length pants rubber-PVC Euroflex polyurethane violet transparent

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Nice knee-length rubber-PVC cycling trousers made of Euroflex (polyurethane film). The material is ultra soft and stretchable almost like rubber (0.12mm). The material is of great quality and very durable (the material does not become hard). The pants can be worn directly on the skin to feel the great PVC wearing comfort. The PVC rubber pants are also a great protection against incontinence when they are worn over diapers.

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Knee-length pants rubber-PVC Euroflex blue

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passt hervorragend, diese schützt zusätzlich nasse Windelpakete

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