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Dear PVC fetish friends,

visit us daily and get to know the PVC plastic outfit of the day! We present a PVC fetish outfit every day and offer this at a special price. There is definitely something for everyone. Whether you love PVC underwear, are looking for PVC incontinence protection or need PVC rainwear, there is something for everyone here.

Here is some information about PVC clothing:

  • Why should you buy PVC clothing?

Do you want to wrap your body in PVC clothing? Then you know for sure that PVC clothing is sexy, suitable for everyday use, practical and easy to care for. But why should you buy PVC clothing? There are many reasons to buy PVC clothing, although most of them are simple.
PVC clothing is sexy, suitable for everyday use, stretchy and easy to care for. Looks sexy, lets you dance in circles without lacing or being too tight. PVC clothing pulls water away from the skin, would not allow it to breathe. PVC clothing is easy to care for, never looking dirty or stained.

  • Can PVC clothing be worn in public?

It seems that PVC clothing is becoming more and more fashionable. Despite all the criticism that has been leveled at it, many people have recognized the benefits of PVC clothing. But have you already thought about the fact that PVC clothing is not only available in fetish outfits, but that the material is also suitable for everyday fashionable clothing? While PVC is a material that most people imagine as a fetish material, many of you also wear it for practical reasons such as incontinence protection or PVC rainwear.

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