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Product presentation with video - PVC sauna suit Plastic sweat suit

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Today we would like to introduce you to our PVC sauna suit.

The PVC sweat suit is unisex and therefore intended for women and men.

The PVC top has an elastic neck and waist and can be ordered with or without a hood. The colored stripes on the arms, which are supplied in random colors, look particularly elegant.

The pants have an elastic waist and ankles. This ensures a perfect fit and ensures a quick sweat effect.

With this great PVC sauna suit you stay fit and have a lot more fun playing in the bedroom. The PVC sweat suit provides a total PVC and sweat feeling after just a few minutes, which is intensified by sporting activity.

Of course, the 2-piece PVC sweat suit is also something very special for the PVC fetish lover. Completely wrapped in the beloved PVC plastic material lets you forget time and ensures the release of happiness hormones. Try it out and experience it with all your senses, the PVC smell, the warm, cuddly feeling when the soft PVC hugs the skin and attaches itself like a second skin. There is nothing better for the PVC fetish lover.

These suits are made from the finest PVC materials with a wide range of colors.  

In the PVC sauna suit sweat suit video you can see and hear how great this suit looks, what noises it makes when it is worn and how it can be worn.

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Here you can find the article selection, which is directly in stock.


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